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Finally, a turnkey solar solution that has ROI written all over it

A Power Purchase Agreement with Constellation is the simple, savvy way to implement responsible, sustainable green solutions while making smart financial sense for you.

Benefits of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • No upfront captial required
  • We finance, design, construct, own and operate your project
  • Long-term convenience, results and peace of mind
  • Budget certainty with a known price / kWh for power over the term of the contract

Other Benefits

  • Constellation secures rebates for customers from state agencies and utilities as well as federal and state tax incentives
  • Customers receives industry-certified measurement and reporting systems of usage and sustainability results

Why Constellation

A wide range of educational, government, and commercial and industrial customers have worked with Constellation to implement solar systems, which are among the largest in the nation.


By structuring solar projects as power purchase agreements, Constellation solar installations require no upfront capital from customers. They also provide fixed power costs that are less than projected market rates.

Sustainable Energy Options

We are proud to offer commercial and government customers with products and services that can reduce environmental impact and generate long-term local and global environmental benefits.

renewableERenewable Energy Certificates
RECs are recognized as an effective way to promote sustainable energy, without requiring the development of an on-site renewable installation, which may not be an option for every business or organization.
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We can design, build, own, operate and maintain on-site and utility scale solar projects that will require no up-front capital expenditures.
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EEfficencyEnergy Efficiency
Customized solutions for customers that are looking to increase energy efficiency and reliability, while more effectively using capital and lowering operating costs
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